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Last year we attempted to survey over 100 UK removals companies to find out what qualities the best UK removals companies had.  We asked them consider the common questions or concerns that customers had and how they answered them. We received very few replies and many that did thought we were trying to steal their ideas rather produce information that would be helpful to all.

Not being disheartened we turned to our own customers.  Through discussion and testimonials we identified the common areas of concern that customers have when moving home.  Moving house can be one of the most stressful times for anyone.  It is important to us to make the while experience as stress free as possible.

Best Removals Company Infographic

The following infographic highlights the top 10 concerns for those that are in the process of moving home.  We have then used our customer’s comments to highlight how we at Castle Removals work tirelessly to ensure we offer the best experience possible.

Best Removal Company Infographic

1. Be Considerate

This may seem a strange comment to start with but our customers commented on how considerate we are time and time again. Removals companies must appreciate that not only are their customers under stress at this time, but the items that they are moving are precious to them and often represent their hard work throughout their lives. Remembering this and treating the items as though they are your own is essential.


2. Be Punctual

So important on a day when so much is happening.  Removal companies have to remember that their customers have to sign documents, collect keys, ensure kids are picked up from school, pets are looked after and so much more.  If they arrive when they say they will customers will feel so much better.  Even 5 minutes late and make customers think you have forgotten and they start to worry.  Get everyone off to a good start and arrive 5 minutes early!


3. Keep Customers Informed

Linked to 2, if there is any reason that you will be late, phone and let your customer know.  If the traffic is worse than expected a little phone call will put your customer at ease. We also noted that customers appreciated a call the day before the move just to confirm that that you will be there at the appointed time and it gives you the opportunity to ask if there is anything else required.


4. Take Great Care

Linked to 1 above.  Removals companies should remember that although they are doing this job day in day out, customers may only be involved in this once or twice in their life.  Even though you are confident that the way you handle items is safe and no damage will result, customers are not so sure. Take the time to reassure customers and discuss extra packaging for fragile items.


5. Give Value For Money

Although we appear well up page 1 of Google for the search “Cheap Removals Edinburgh” it is clear that customers are not really looking for cheap but for value for money.  Any company can be cheap but value for money takes into account what the customer is receiving.  If removal companies can provide the qualities highlighted in this article at a reasonable cost then, like us they are giving value for money.


6. Be Friendly and Well-Mannered

This is really based on two things: remember customers are stressed, they don’t want you adding to the pressure.  Secondly, look at our testimonials and see how important this is to customers.  They want the day to go as smoothly as possible and you can ensure that it does.


7. Be Understanding and Flexible

This is all about making it as effortless and stress free for customers as possible.  Remember what we said above, customers don’t move often and it may be the day of the move before they think of something.  Try to accommodate their requests where possible.


8. Make the Move Stress Free

Basically a summary of all of the above.  We can’t emphasise enough how stressful this day can be for customers and removals companies are in the position to make the day go as easily as possible.  Remember, a happy customer is going to come back if they move again and give your name to the friends and family.


9. Don’t Dally

This is harder than it first seems and appears to contradict some of the other comments. It is a fine balance between taking enough time to complete the job professionally and well and carrying out the job as quickly as possible and clearing out and letting the customer get on with the rest of their day. If you can manage this then you are on to a winner.


10. Check Before You Leave

There are two things that you should check before you leave your customer at the end of the job. Firstly, and probably most obviously, check that you have not missed anything.  He whole day can be ruined if your customer has to go back to the original house for something that has been missed.  The second reason is really out of courtesy.  As mentioned above, your customer will not be moving often so will not be an expert.  Check to see if there is anything they have forgotten about.  It may take you an extra few minutes to sort out but it will help you gain further business and your customer will be grateful.


Read Our Reviews

Many of our customers leave testimonials highlighting some of the points made here.  You are welcome to view our reviews at Google, read our website testimonials or contact us if you have any further questions.

Remember, we appreciate how important moving is and we endeavour to make it as stress free as possible for our customers.